How we work

We know through working in the industry, the biggest thing for those who invest in us is trust. They trust us to price the job right, to turn up on site when we say we will and for the job to get done. We also know communication is key. From taking the brief to liaising throughout, we keep our clients up to date on progress.

We believe in building strong relationships, giving assurance from the start as well as creating an open environment to let us know when something needs our attention. The team we work with are a friendly bunch, they enjoy what they do. This is why the most common feedback from clients is based on how well we work together.

The majority of our business comes from word of mouth, from the happy clients we have worked with. So impressed with what we have done, they have passed our number on for us to quote again for friend, family or colleague.

Thinking about transforming your home or business?

  • Give us a call on 0113 3452175 as the first step to a new room, extension or building.
  • We’ll visit your home or business to meet you in person so you get to ask any questions up front.
  • We’ll talk through your ideas and take the plans your designer or architects have drawn up.
  • From here, we brief our team. The electricians, plumbers, roofers, plasterers, decorators, tilers and exterior team to pull in the quotes we need.
  • Each tradesman will visit individually, which means they can provide the realistic quote and time frame we need.
  • We pull the quotes together to prepare a final break down of costs, a budget to work on for the entire build.
  • We do a full building review and risk assessment to ensure the property, equipment and the project team meet Health & Safety requirements.
  • We look at dates to start and book the team, managing the logistics and milestones to ensure the project runs smoothly.
  • We prepare the contract and safety certification, so you know exactly what’s in store.
  • We visit close to the start date to go through it all and brief you in on what the early stages look like.
  • We arrive promptly and begin the project knowing you are fully briefed on who’s arriving and when.
  • We price in stages, giving you plenty of notice for payment dates which helps you budget.
  • We liaise throughout and give advice for added value when we spot something that would improve your property’s features or functions.
  • We wrap up when we know you are happy, leaving your property neat and tidy – ready to use and, more importantly enjoy, from the difference we have made.

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